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Natuti, the online catching game.

Natuti is an adaptation of the original board game. The goal of each player is to capture the opponent's king (2 players) or the rival kings (3 or 4 players).


▪ Simple Game (Player vs CPU): Beat the machine, with three levels of difficulty. Upgrade your marks and get defeat your opponent in the fewest possible moves.

▪ Multiplayer Online Game: Try the real time multiplayer mode, qith Google Play Games. Challenge your friends inviting them to a game or play a quick game against a random opponent.

▪ Multiplayer Offline Game (Player vs Player - Offline): Enjoy a Multiplayer game up to 4 players. Ideal for playing with family or friends meetings, using only one smartphone or tablet.


At least one turn have to make a move either type:

▪ SIMPLE: can be moved to an empty and never diagonally adjacent box.

▪ CAPTURE: Jumping over a bucket of another color that is in an adjacent box (never diagonally). In this hub on which it has paid off, it will become our color. This "jump and catch" is the basis of NATUTI.

In his turn each player can make a simple movement or all "jump and catch" he wants.


It is played in the opposite direction to clockwise.

1. At least in his turn each player must make a move.

2. If a player can "jump and catch" with the king and with some pawns must do so starting necessarily with the king.

3. If a pawn starts to "jump and catch" cubes, is not required to "jump and capture" all the cubes they can. You can stop and spend turn.

4. If kings are forced to "jump and capture" all the cubes they can.

5. In the first 4 movements of each player can not be re cubes to their initial position.

6. You can not jump over own pieces.

8. When a king is captured all the cubes of color will become the color that has captured him, ending his participation in this game.

9. When a cube of one color is surrounded by 4 cubes of different color, will become that color. When a cube surrounded by three cubes in the outermost squares on the board will not change color.

10. When you are still playing 3 or 4 players, if any will shift can not move until you have the chance. When there are only two players (ie two colors) and one can not make any move, it will have lost by drowning.

Natuti is an online board game with a similar system to the Checkers. Unlike the Checkers, the movements are always vertical or horizontal. It is a game recommended for all ages. Play with your Friends with the multiplayer game.

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